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Sermon Recordings prior to 2022 are currently only opened to member of Toronto Simpson Chinese Alliance Church. If you have a login name and password, please click the link button to access our sermon recordings. If you have any question, please contact us at contact@tscac.org.

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All 2023 Recordings

Date Title Event Speaker Bible Verse Watch
2023-03-26Jesus has a better kingdomSunday SermonRev. Paul Carrn/aLink
2023-03-19Paul's Suffering as an ApostleSunday SermonRev. David Lin/aLink
2023-03-12A Call To Spiritual Discernment (Part 3)Sunday SermonRev. David Lin/aLink
2023-03-05Responding to PovertySunday SermonRev. Kevin Limn/aLink
2023-02-26One In ChristSunday SermonRev. Pak Chann/aLink
2023-02-19A Call To Spiritual Discernment (Part 2)Sunday SermonRev. David Lin/aLink
2023-02-12A Call To Spiritual Discernment (Part 1)Sunday SermonRev. David Lin/aLink
2023-02-05Why God Gave Us TonguesSunday SermonPastor Tony Wongn/aLink
2023-01-22The Fool's Speech (Part 2)Sunday SermonRev. David Lin/aLink
2023-01-15The Fool's Speech (Part 1)Sunday SermonRev. David Lin/aLink
2023-01-08Boast in the LORDSunday SermonRev. David Lin/aLink
2023-01-01Jesus Is A Better MasterSunday SermonRev. Paul Carrn/aLink

All 2022 Recordings

Date Title Event Speaker Bible Verse Watch
2022-12-18Marks Of Christian Leadership (Part 2)Sunday SermonRev. David Lin/aLink
2022-12-11Marks Of Christian Leadership (Part 1)Sunday SermonRev. David Lin/aLink
2022-12-04A Match Made In HeavenSunday SermonRev. Tim Grievesn/aLink
2022-11-27Cheerful GiverSunday SermonRev. David Lin/aLink
2022-11-06Jesus Is A Better KingSunday SermonRev. Paul Carrn/aLink

All 2020 Recordings

Date Title Event Speaker Bible Verse Download
2020-03-29Excel to EdifySunday WorshipRev. David Lin/aLink
2020-03-22Confessing Jesus as the Christ, the Son of GodSunday WorshipRev. Kirk Wellumn/aLink
2020-03-08Joy in the House of PrayerSunday WorshipRev Curtis Petersn/aLink
2020-03-01Perseverance by FaithSunday WorshipRev Darren Tsangn/aLink
2020-02-23From Mourning to RejoicingSunday WorshipPastor Sam Beaulieun/aLink
2020-02-16The Father's LoveSunday WorshipPastor Godwin Tsangn/aLink
2020-02-09May the Spirit be with youSunday WorshipMr Sunny Chiun/aLink
2020-02-02Love is the WaySunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2020-01-26Should Christians keep on sinning for more GraceSunday WorshipPastor Tim Lin/aLink
2020-01-19Unity in DiversitySunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2020-01-12Spiritual GiftsSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2020-01-05All of life under the sovereign will of GodSunday WorshipMr Ryan Choyn/aLink

All 2019 Recordings

Date Title Event Speaker Bible Verse Download
2019-12-29Gaining by losing, the blessing of spiritual povertySunday WorshipPastor Sam Beaulieun/aLink
2019-12-15God Will Meet All Our NeedsSunday WorshipRev Mike Whittlen/aLink
2019-12-08Divisions at the LORDs SupperSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2019-11-24Sunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2019-11-17Do Not Be AnxiousSunday WorshipMr Ryan Choyn/aLink
2019-11-10We Must Press on to Know Our LordSunday WorshipRev Henry Chuangn/aLink
2019-11-03Tuho Vavoho and the Gospel of PeaceSunday WorshipDr Marwan Qandahn/aLink
2019-10-27Standing Firm in God's GraceSunday WorshipRev Bruce Edwardsn/aLink
2019-10-20Christian Living to the Glory of GodSunday WorshipMr Ryan Choyn/aLink
2019-10-13Its More Than Giving ThanksSunday WorshipPastor Glen Zeidlern/aLink
2019-09-15The Sign of JonahSunday WorshipPastor Paul Carrn/aLink
2019-09-01Flee From IdolsSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2019-08-25The Gospel Over RightSunday WorshipMr Ryan Choyn/aLink
2019-08-18Love Is the True KnowledgeSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2019-08-11A Light in Dark TimesSunday WorshipMr Joshua Millsn/aLink
2019-08-04The WatchmenSunday WorshipMr Sunny Chiun/aLink
2019-07-28Out Of The DepthsSunday WorshipRev Keith Edwardsn/aLink
2019-07-21Singled Out FOr HimSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2019-07-14To the married and unmarried Live as you have calledSunday WorshipMr Ryan Choyn/aLink
2019-07-07Honor God in Your BodySunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2019-06-30God's Grace in DisciplineSunday Worshipn/aLink
2019-06-23The Joys of MissionsSunday WorshipRev Derek Chann/aLink
2019-06-16A Faith that is JoyfulSunday WorshipPastor Paul Carrn/aLink
2019-06-09Live The Kingdom LifeSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2019-06-02Prayer - the Antidote to AnxietySunday WorshipRev. Mike Whittlen/aLink
2019-05-26The Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseSunday WorshipRev Kirk Wellumn/aLink
2019-05-19Purge the Evil Among YouSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2019-05-12Mother's LoveSunday WorshipPastor Alice Lin/aLink
2019-05-05God is AbleSunday WorshipRev Dr Vinson Samueln/aLink
2019-04-28Mark of a True ServantSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2019-04-21Raised With ChristSunday WorshipMr Ryan Choyn/aLink
2019-04-14Sunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2019-04-07Adulting In ChristSunday WorshipRev Raymond Chengn/aLink
2019-03-31God's Wisdom is true WisdomSunday WorshipMr Ryan Choyn/aLink
2019-03-24God's Grace in Times of TroubleSunday WorshipRev Kevin Housern/aLink
2019-03-17Sunday WorshipPastor Tony Wongn/aLink
2019-03-10The Beginning of the EndSunday WorshipRev Tim Quekn/aLink
2019-03-03The God of PromisesSunday WorshipPastor Darren Tsangn/aLink
2019-02-24On Trial Before GodSunday WorshipRev Keith Edwardsn/aLink
2019-02-17God's Ways Are Not Our WaysSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2019-02-10Divisions in the ChurchSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2019-02-03True and False DisciplesSunday WorshipMr Sunny Chun/aLink
2019-01-27Peace on Earth Question MarkSunday WorshipPastor Paul Carrn/aLink
2019-01-20Let Us Be ThankfulSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2019-01-13Come Out My PeopleSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2019-01-06A Radical LoveSunday WorshipRev. Tim Quekn/aLink

All 2018 Recordings

Date Title Event Speaker Bible Verse Download
2018-12-16Looking Up to ChristSunday WorshipPastor Tim Lin/aLink
2018-12-09Prepare to Meet The KingSunday WorshipRev Glen Zedlern/aLink
2018-12-02Rooted in Christ-People-OrientedSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-11-25Pray Anywhere AnywaySunday WorshipRev Keith Edwardsn/aLink
2018-11-18Rooted in the WordSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-11-11Rooted in ChristSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-11-04Defining MomentsSunday WorshipRev Gerald Hogenbirkn/aLink
2018-11-02The Power of WheatSunday WorshipRev Gerald Hogenbirkn/aLink
2018-10-28Wise and Foolish BuildersSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-10-21What You Know and How you LiveSunday WorshipMr Ryan Choyn/aLink
2018-10-14Who Can Be SavedSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-10-074 Signs of Life in your churchSunday WorshipRev Jacob Birchn/aLink
2018-09-30Running From GodSunday WorshipRev Keith Edwardsn/aLink
2018-09-23Beware of False Prophets (incomplete)Sunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-09-16Taking Risks for GodSunday WorshipPastor Tony Wongn/aLink
2018-09-07United In Purpose and MissionSunday WorshipRev Joe Kokn/aLink
2018-09-02Are you on the right pathSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-08-26The Ark ReturnsSunday WorshipRev Arthur Wongn/aLink
2018-08-19The Golden RuleSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-08-12Don't Stop KnockingSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-08-05Things to Think AboutSunday WorshipRev Mike Whittlen/aLink
2018-07-29Give ThanksSunday WorshipRev Jeffrey MacMillann/aLink
2018-07-22Judge Not, You May Not Judge WellSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-07-15Do Not Be AnxiousSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-07-08The One ThingSunday WorshipPastor Paul Carrn/aLink
2018-06-24Serve God, Not MoneySunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-06-17Fasting in SecretSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-06-10Divine OpportunitiesSunday WorshipMr Sunny Chiun/aLink
2018-06-03Depending on GodSunday WorshipPastor Glen Zeidlern/aLink
2018-05-27Audience of OneSunday WorshipRev Tim Quekn/aLink
2018-05-20Emptied To Be Filled With The SpiritSunday WorshipRev Aaron Owenn/aLink
2018-05-13Like Father Like SonSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-05-06A Life of Glorifying in the CrossSunday WorshipPastor Darren Tsangn/aLink
2018-04-29Put off Self Put on ChristSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-04-22Boasting in the LORDSunday WorshipRev Mike Whittlen/aLink
2018-04-08How to Build an Inter-generational Community in a multi-lingual and multi-cultural settingSunday WorshipPastor Sharon Tamn/aLink
2018-03-25The Truth about OathsSunday WorshipPastor Andrew Wondn/aLink
2018-03-18Divorce and MarriageSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-03-11Counter Cultural - FaithfulnessSunday WorshipRev Kevin Limn/aLink
2018-03-04Thou Shalt Not MurderSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-02-25Four Fellows From The FellowshipSunday WorshipRev Keith Edwardsn/aLink
2018-02-18Jesus and the LawSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-02-11Be Salt and LightSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-02-04The Way of CourageSunday WorshipPastor Tony Wongn/aLink
2018-01-28The BeatitudesSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2018-01-21Sermon on the MountSunday WorshipPastor Daven/aLink
2018-01-14On Mission From God - For Such A Time As ThisSunday WorshipMs Aimee Esparazn/aLink
2018-01-07A Blessed New BeginningSunday WorshipPastor Glen Zeidlern/aLink

All 2017 Recordings

Date Title Event Speaker Bible Verse Download
2017-12-31Alliance Atlantic CountdownSunday WorshipRev Jacob Birchn/aLink
2017-12-24The Lost ChristmasSunday WorshipSunny Chiun/aLink
2017-11-26I See YouSunday WorshipRev Dr Michael Krausen/aLink
2017-11-19Pray for One AnotherSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-11-12All for one and one for allSunday WorshipPastor Paul Carrn/aLink
2017-11-05Serve one anotherSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-10-29A Mighty Fortress is our GodSunday WorshipRev Keith Edwardsn/aLink
2017-10-22Bear with One AnoterSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-10-15Set te Lord Always Before YouSunday WorshipRev Mike Whittlen/aLink
2017-10-08Receive One AnotherSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-10-01God's Plan for Us - A Worshiping CommunitySunday WorshipPastor Tony Wongn/aLink
2017-09-24Encourage One AnotherSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-09-17From Comfort to Calling - Living the Tension between Babel to PentecostSunday WorshipRev Albert Lun/aLink
2017-09-152017 EM Mission ConferenceSunday WorshipRev Albert Lun/aLink
2017-09-08Equipped For God's WorkTSCAC 28th Anniversary Revival MeetingRev Sam Chenn/aLink
2017-09-03Fellowship with One AnotherSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-08-27Abraham - A Man of FaithSunday WorshipPastor Darren Tsangn/aLink
2017-08-20Uriah - A Faithful WarriorSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-08-13Naaman Desperate for a Healing TouchSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-07-30Be Strong and CourageousSunday WorshipRev Athur Wongn/aLink
2017-07-23Disappointment in LifeSunday WorshipPastor Glen Zeidlern/aLink
2017-06-18Sunday Worshipn/aLink
2017-06-11Esther, Courage Under FireSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-06-04Who Will You ServeSunday WorshipPastor Glen Zeidlern/aLink
2017-05-28Caleb A Man of DevotionSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-05-21The Character of God Vast ForgivenessSunday WorshipPastor Andrew Wong01:Link
2017-05-14Final Instructions are So ImportantSunday WorshipRev Dr Kevin Housern/aLink
2017-05-07A Godly FamilySunday WorshipPastor Paul Carrn/aLink
2017-04-30Bible DiscipleshipSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-04-23Life After the ResurrectionSunday WorshipRev Tim Quekn/aLink
2017-04-16The Resurrection of the DeadSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-04-09Death in Adam, Life in ChristSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-04-02The Christ Centered Training ProgramSunday WorshipPastor Kevin Limn/aLink
2017-03-31Listening Prayer16th Anniv Revival MeetingPastor Kevin Limn/aLink
2017-03-26Love Not the WorldSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-03-19God's Loving KindnessSunday WorshipPastor Tony Wongn/aLink
2017-03-12Be Holy For I Am HolySunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-03-05Church DisciplineSunday WorshipPastor David Li01n/aLink
2017-02-26Repentance, Request, Restoration - Welcoming a Sinner HomeSunday WorshipRev. Keith Edwardsn/aLink
2017-02-19Church MembershipSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-02-12Building A Healthy Community - HospitalitySunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-02-05Ready for the Battle - Spritual WarfareSunday WorshipMr. Sunny Chiun/aLink
2017-01-29Building A Healthy Community - Truth TellingSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-01-22Redemption In An Unexpected PlaceSunday WorshipMr. Dominica Krakowskin/aLink
2017-01-15Building A Healthy Community - Promise KeepingSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-01-08Building A Healthy Community - GratitudeSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2017-01-01Plan your waySunday WorshipPastor Glen Zeidlern/aLink

All 2016 Recordings

Date Title Event Speaker Bible Verse Download
2016-12-25Jesus the new born kingSunday WorshipPastor Pak Chann/aLink
2016-12-24Christmas EveSunday WorshipRev Michael Whittlen/aLink
2016-12-18Emmanuel - God with UsSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-12-117 Prophecies About Jesus' BirthSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-12-04The Faith of CainSunday WorshipPastor Paul Carrn/aLink
2016-11-27Who is God's Mercy ForSunday WorshipPastor Paul McDonaldn/aLink
2016-11-20Speaking of JesusSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-11-13On Mission TogetherSunday WorshipPastor Victor Chinn/aLink
2016-11-11Mission Conference (Friday)Mission Conferencen/aLink
2016-11-06Culture of EvangelsimSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-10-30The Habit of SacrificeSunday WorshipMr Dominic Krakowskin/aLink
2016-10-23The Worshipping Church 2Sunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-10-16The Worshipping ChurchSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-10-09Church Under SiegeSunday WorshipRev Tim Quekn/aLink
2016-10-02Building a Healthy ChurchSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-09-25The Cross Foolishness Stumbling Block or the Power of GodSunday WorshipRev Michael Whittlen/aLink
2016-09-18What is ChurchSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-09-093 Essential Elements of a Missional ChurchChurch AnniversaryRev Aaron Tangn/aLink
2016-09-04The Lord is my RefugeSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-08-28Why JesusSunday WorshipPastor Daven/aLink
2016-08-262016 Lighthouse LiteLighthousen/aLink
2016-08-21Missions and a glass of cold drinkSunday WorshipRev Dick Kaann/aLink
2016-08-14Gods Internship ProcessSunday WorshipRev Keith Edwardsn/aLink
2016-08-07Was Paul a true ApostleSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-07-31A Plea For Unity (4) Receive One AnotherSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-07-24A Plea For Unity (3) Put Others FirstSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-07-17Opening the HeartSunday WorshipPastor Kevin Limn/aLink
2016-07-10The Plea for Unity pt2- Build up one anotherSunday Worshippastor Davidlin/aLink
2016-07-10A Plea for Unity (2) Build up one anotherSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-07-03The Battle for BalanceSunday WorshipRev. George Bradfordn/aLink
2016-06-26Bricks Without StrawSunday WorshipPastor Joe Chann/aLink
2016-06-24Mission SharingFellowship Programn/aLink
2016-06-19A Plea For Unity Do Not Pass JudgementSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-06-12Time to wake upSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-06-05Sustainable FaithSunday WorshipMr Sunny Chiun/aLink
2016-05-29Testing The Waters of True FellowshipSunday WorshipPastor Andrew Wongn/aLink
2016-05-22Indebted to LoveSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-05-15Mission and Gospel LivingSunday WorshipMr Dominic Krakowskin/aLink
2016-05-08A Pure HeartSunday WorshipPastor Glen Zeidlern/aLink
2016-05-01Life In The WildernessSunday WorshipRev Arthur Wongn/aLink
2016-04-29Workshop On DatingSunday WorshipPastor Andrew Wongn/aLink
2016-04-10How to Love Life and See Many Good DaysSunday WorshipRev Michael Whittlen/aLink
2016-04-0315th Annivery MessageSunday WorshipDr John Healeyn/aLink
2016-04-01English Ministry Revival MeetingSunday WorshipDr John Healeyn/aLink
2016-03-20Which Jesus Do You KnowSunday WorshipRev Pak Chann/aLink
2016-03-13The Love From AboveSunday WorshipPastor Andrew Wongn/aLink
2016-03-06Marks of a True Christian - A PeacemakerSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-02-28Tell Your StorySunday WorshipRev. Michael Krausen/aLink
2016-02-21Mark of a True Christian - A Benevolent HeartSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-02-14Love that Cannot be QuenchedSunday WorshipRev. Michael Whittlen/aLink
2016-02-07Marks of the True Christians - Rejoice in HopeSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-01-31The Call, Company & Conduct of a DiscipleSunday WorshipRev Keith Edwardsn/aLink
2016-01-24Sufficiency In ChristSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2016-01-17IntruderSunday WorshipMr Sunny Chiun/aLink
2016-01-10The Exchange LifeSunday WorshipRev. Tim Quekn/aLink
2016-01-03Come follow me, I will make you fisher of menSunday WorshipRev. Felix Wongn/aLink

All 2015 Recordings

Date Title Event Speaker Bible Verse Download
2015-11-08A Living SacrificeSunday WorkshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2015-11-01The Challenge to WelcomeSunday WorkshipPastor Kevin Limn/aLink
2015-10-25How Inscrutable His WaysSunday WorkshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2015-10-18The Golden CalfSunday WorkshipRev Arthur Wongn/aLink
2015-10-11God In My TrialsSinday WorkshipPastor Glen Zeidlern/aLink
2015-10-04How can they call on the LordSunday WorkshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2015-09-20The Gospel of GodSunday WorkshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2015-09-11The Great MandateSunday WorkshipRev. Wilson Kaann/aLink
2015-09-06Love Is PatientSunday WorkshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2015-08-30O Lord You KnowSunday WorkshipPastor Gladys Mokn/aLink
2015-08-23Love or DutySunday WorkshipPastor Aaron Owenn/aLink
2015-08-16Master Craftsmen of IdolSunday WorkshipMr Sumari Mirzan/aLink
2015-08-09The Transparency of CommunitySunday WorkshipPastor Andrew Wongn/aLink
2015-08-02The Gospel - Unlearn and RelearnSunday Workshipn/aLink
2015-07-26A Fool's CallingSunday WorkshipRev Kevin Housern/aLink
2015-07-12Amazing GraceSunday WorshipRev Steven Martinsn/aLink
2015-07-05Foster a Culture of EvangelismSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2015-06-28True RepentenceSunday WorshipPastor Tommy Tsuin/aLink
2015-06-21Important Marks of a Healthy ChurchSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2015-06-14Meeting God in BrokennessSunday WorshipMr Dominic Krakowskin/aLink
2015-06-07Essential Marks of a Healthy ChurchSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2015-05-31Why do I struggle to be goodSunday WorshipRev Michael Whittlen/aLink
2015-05-24Between 2 WorldsSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2015-05-17Bringing the GospelSunday WorshipPastor Glen Zeidlern/aLink
2015-05-10Woe is Me, WOW to YouSunday WorshipPastor Andrew Wongn/aLink
2015-05-03How to Discern God's WillSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2015-04-26A Call Against ComplacencySunday WorshipPastor Kevin Limn/aLink
2015-04-19A Call to Spirtitual DiscernmentSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2015-04-12Famous Last WordsSunday WorshipPastor Ian Adrienda-Josen/aLink
2015-04-10Loving GodSunday WorshipIan Arienda-Josen/aLink
2015-04-05Sunday WorshipSunday WorshipEaster Sunday Baptismn/aLink
2015-04-05Easter Sunday Service Endingn/aLink
2015-04-03Good Friday Service (Full)Sunday Worshipn/aLink
2015-03-29Lord I deserve JudgementSunday WorshipPastor Glen Zeidlern/aLink
2015-03-22A 3 or 4 Word TestimonySunday WorshipRev Keith Edwardsn/aLink
2015-03-15God Is GodSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2015-03-08Be A Missional ChurchSunday WorshipRev Amos Chann/aLink
2015-03-01Who is the true IsraelSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2015-02-22Can you hear me nowSunday WorshipMr Sunny Chiun/aLink
2015-02-15God is with UsSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2015-02-08Living FreeSunday WorshipRev Dr Tim Quekn/aLink
2015-02-01God's Awesome AssuranceSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2015-01-25What's NewSunday WorshipPastor Aaron Owenn/aLink
2015-01-18Living In ChristSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink
2015-01-11Competing LovesSunday WorshipRev Dr Tim Quekn/aLink
2015-01-04Christ - The Source of All LivingSunday WorshipPastor David Lin/aLink