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Toronto Simpson Chinese Alliance Church(TSCAC) is church-planted by the Scarborough Chinese Alliance Church in 1989. In the beginning, the congregation was predominantly Hong Kong immigrants. At that time, TSCAC had no fixed church property and we met at a school on Sundays. Until 1996, we bought this address as our permanent property.

Following the change in demography over the years, a second generation Chinese emerged. TSCAC hence inaugurated our English Sunday Service and ministry in the year 2000 to meet their needs. In view of the increasing immigration population from the mainland China, there are major surge of Chinese population in the Scarborough area. Caring for these Chinese immigrants, TSCAC started the Mandarin Ministry in 2002. Starting from 2010, the Mandarin Ministry has its own Mandarin Sunday Service weekly.

On each Sunday, TSCAC Cantonese Sunday service has about 150 attendants, English Sunday service around 60 and Mandarin Sunday service around 50. Besides Sunday Services, we have various fellowship groups and small groups catering the needs of different people. We have also a strong and vibrant children ministry nurturing young children.

You are hereby invited to join us for worship, fellowship and learning the Words of the Lord. We welcome you to participate in this TSCAC family!